Il faut manger moins de fromage que de pain

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  1. ntquartex New Member

    One of my French collagues said that "Il faut manger moins de fromage que de pain".
    What does it mean, I think it's a French proverb.
  2. Gérard Napalinex

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    Hi ntquartex

    It might be a french proverb, but I never heard it, so I can't help you with the metaphoric meaning in it.
    The plain meaning is "one should eat less cheese than bread"

    Does it help ?
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  3. sargasso Member

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  4. Jasmine tea Senior Member

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    Maybe it just means "Il ne faut pas se ruer sur le fromage comme ça", "Il faut en laisser pour les autres". Parents could be telling that to their children. This is the only context I would understand the sentence...
  5. ntquartex New Member

    Salut Gérard,

    Thank you but I would like to know the "deeper" meaning under this proverb :)
    So your reply does not help me :s


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