il faut traiter en meme temps, et dans la duree

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  1. bobby1234 Member

    I'm trying to translate a news-paper article and I'm having difficulty translating this sentence:

    Pour le candidat UMP, "il faut traiter en meme temps, et dans la duree, le pair a pair et les sites de streaming ou de telechargement direct dont le modele economique est fonde sur le piratage"

    Here's my go:

    In the opinion of the UMP candidate, “we have to deal with peer to peer file sharing and sites whose business model depends on piracy where you can directly download or stream together and over a long period of time”.

    I'd be grateful for any help!
  2. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges, Fr.
    British English
    We have to deal, simultaneously and durably, with ...
  3. bobby1234 Member

    thank you! :)

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