Il grilletto scalpita

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by dub82, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. dub82 New Member

    Ciao a tutti,

    sto scrivendo, in inglese, una canzone su due fuorilegge e mi servirebbe tradurre la frase "Il grilletto scalpita"..

    The trigger...????

    Per questioni di metrica mi verrebbe da scrivere The trigger thrills ma penso sia assolutamente sbagliato.

    chi mi aiuta? Grazie:)
  2. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Banned

    Italy, Italiano
    "The trigger champs at the bit"
    Ma ha davvero senso...? Opinione di madrelingua si rende necessaria.
  3. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Wow, that's quite a mix of metaphors, Lo. :) Champing at the bit is what horses do and I'm assuming the trigger part is a metaphor for something else, no? We often say someone has an itchy trigger finger, it's a very common idiom, to mean someone is just waiting for an excuse to shoot. So perhaps "The trigger needs to be scratched" but also simply "The trigger is calling". Can we see a whole sentence Dub82?
  4. evink Member

    I think it is probably the 'restless' trigger in the sense that the outlaw is 'trigger happy' which is awell known phrase in English meaning that the outlaw is liable to shoot at any time.
  5. dub82 New Member

    LOL!!! ahaha, I was thinking the same..:D

    Anyway, I guess the best would be "the trigger is calling".
    In the song I'm describing the situation: "watch out the guard! The trigger is calling but we are inside!(inside the bank)"

    I also like the "trigger happy''... if both are correct, I have to figure out which is the best in the metric.

  6. london calling Senior Member

    Dub, ma qual è la frase intera in italiano?

    Poi, "watch out the guard" è sbagliato. Intendevi forse "watch out for the guard"?:) E guarda che trigger happy non si può dire di una pistola (solo di un pistolero...).;)
  7. evink Member

    I suggest now I can see the context that it is Watch out for the trigger happy guards.....Good luck with adjusting this phrase to fit with the poem
  8. london calling Senior Member

    I don't think that's what is meant.:) I'd like to see the rest of the sentence in Italian, although from the translation that has been proffered and the original Italian part, "il grilletto scalpita", it isn't the guards who are trigger happy, it's whoever is going into the bank who's trigger happy or, should I say, it's their guns which are "raring to go" (trigger off).:)

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