Il m'a tué


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I would like to know how can I say "Il m'a tué" in the meaning I'm laughing too much. Is there an expression to say it ? I don't have any idea to translate it ^^
This is to use on facebook, for a funny video, for english friends.

Thank you
  • misterk

    "You kill me" "You're killing me" are both commonly used (in AE at least) to mean "you really make me laugh".
    Same for "You slay me", with the same meaning.
    The idiom is not commonly used with the impersonal "it" -- although if it was clear that it was referring to a funny video, you could probably say "This killed me" and people would understand.

    Also very common, with the same meaning: "This cracked me up!" (You crack me up; He cracks me up; etc.)
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