Il ne me reste maintenant plus qu'à espérer


France, Savoie
Bonjour, vous.Cette phrase me donne un léger souci pour la traduire...
"Il ne me reste maintenant plus qu'à espérer"
J'essaye,qui ne tente rien n'a rien comme on dit ..."It remains me now only keep hoping" ?
Je sais que c'est faux alors j'attend de vous la rectification.
Merci beaucoup milles fois !
  • Zhorg

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    en fait, je tournerais plutôt la phrase comme ça >

    hope is the only thing i've got left
    Hope is the only thing i can grasp
    hope is the only thing that remains


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    Which part can be literally translates to "only"?

    To me, "ne plus" translates to "not anymore", which is not directly related to "only", as "If I do something, it will not remains for me" is different from "it's the only thing remains for me" or "I must do something".

    Uncle Bob

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    I rather agree with you. The suggested solutions seem to be simplifications but not very far from the original. Perhaps the much more formal:

    "It no longer remains to me but to hope". (I'd use "to" rather than "for" but that's probably personal rather than a rule).

    Even so it does sound a bit stilted and dated, people don't use "but" that way very often nowadays.


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    Quid de All I've got left now is to hope ? Parce que Il ne me reste maintenant plus qu'à espérer n'est pas particulièrement daté, à mon sens.
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