il n'en attire pas moins davantage que d'autres


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I'm trying to translate a long text, which I have to hand in tomorrow and have been staring at all weekend. I keep getting tangled up in this sentence and was wondering if anyone could shed any light?

Ok, here goes...

"Par le mystère qui en tout état de cause l'entoure, par l'ampleur particuliére de ses excentricités financières, il n'en attire pas moins davantage que d'autres l'attention sur une couche sociale nouvelle."

(I know this is really last minute with it being 2am here... I suppose I'm counting on a Canadian or an insomniac French person :) )
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    Ok, still working on this thing. It's really only the middle bit that I don't understand - the "n'en attire pas moins davantage" part.

    Does that make sense to anyone else? I can't work out which bits work together (ne...pas etc.)

    If anyone has any ideas whatsoever I'd really appreciate it!


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    Even for me, this sentence is a bit complicated ! To me, you can translate that in "he attracts attention nor less or more than another on a new social class"...
    I am definetly not sure of that translation, it is just an attempt ;)


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    Hope it is not too late

    - davantage que d'autres: plus que d'autres: more than others
    - Il n'en attire pas moins: Nevertheless (For all that), it/he does attract

    So the whole phrase would be:

    For all that, he still draws the attention on a new social class more than others, because of the mystery... and of the excentricity...


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    Thank you so much! Just in time... it all makes sense now... although, it usually does when someone explains it well :)