il riordino dei cicli


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I am reading a little discussion about the Italian education reforms under Gelmini. This phrase pops up which I cannot understand.
"Allora la riforma Berlinguer, il riordino dei riordino dei cicli in effetti non c'è stato mai."
Io riordino is to tidy up and il ciclo is a cycle. Is this a way of saying that the school curriculum is just being tinkered with?
Thanks in advance to all.
  • debboa

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    Yes, you got it: "ciclo" is short for "ciclo di studi", so the way how school curricula are organised both in "vertical" (primary, intermediate, upper...) and, for upper schools, in "horizontal" (different types of upper school, "liceo scientifico", "liceo classico", "istituto tecnico".....). They (generally, whoever is at government! :)) are always trying to change school!