1. il s'agit de :
    - déterminer les besoins de sécurité.... and the list continue

    it is about :
    - determining the security needs ...

    is this correct
  2. williamtmiller Senior Member

    ça dépend bien sûr de ce qui précède mais "il s'agit de" donne plutôt "It consists of" dans ce cas. It is about décrit plutôt l'intrigue d'un livre ou d'un film. Avec l'expression "it consists of" on a tendance à mettre un autre mot pour enrichir ce que tu veux dire comme It consists primarily of ou It mainly consists of etc...
  3. beri Senior Member

    attention à security/safety
    security est psychologique, quand safety est physique
  4. c'est security, mon travail est dans l'ISS Information System Security, donc j'utilise secutiy et non safety.

    merci pour ces précisions.
  5. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    I agree with William in this instance; I often use "it concerns" in other contexts.
  6. Littlejean New Member

    English; United States
    Can "il s'agit de" also mean something like 'we must' in certain contexts? It seems to me that in the beginning of a sentence and followed by infinitives, we're really talking about what has to be done in order for something else to occur. This may or may not be the case in superromu's problem phrase. What do native speakers or those of you with more expertise in translation think?

  7. Trendywendy_41 Senior Member

    Is there agreement with Il s'agit?

    I mean, can one say,
    Il s'agit des lettres que j'ai mises sur la table.?

  8. Hildy1 Senior Member

    English - US and Canada
    Trendywendy, the agreement that you make is correct, but not because of "il s'agit". The past participle agrees with the direct object "que" (= les lettres) when the direct object comes before the past participle.
    For example: Où sont les lettres que j'ai mises sur la table?
  9. Trendywendy_41 Senior Member

    Yes of course!
    Thankyou Hildy1


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