Il sinistro d’incontro

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Il sinistro d’incontro del 4-0 ha costretto Price a subire il primo conteggio e il round iniziale si è chiuso sul 5-0 per l’azzurro.

The seriousness of the match at 4-0 forced Price to undergo the first count out and the initial round ended at 5-0 for the Italian.

Does "Il sinistro d’incontro" mean the left of the match or does it mean something like the seriousness of the match? Thanks for any assistance. This is about boxing match.
  • neuromatico

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    Il sinistro d’incontro: The accident/mishap/misadventure (that occurred) during the match.....

    But since this is boxing, it probably means "the left hand blow/left-handed punch".
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