Il tempo perchè lo stesso M preparasse la successione non c'era stato


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Ahoy dear polyglots,

Translating a history of modern journalism Italian>English seek confirmation or better yet correction of this phrase as I've rendered it:

Il tempo perche lo stesso M preparasse la successione non c'era stato,

High time, because M's preparations for his own succession had not been done,

Grazie merci many thanks.

Put the ORIGINAL sentence in the title, NOT your translation attempt.
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  • It becomes clearer if you first rearrange the phrase a bit, like this ...

    "Il tempo non c'era stato perche' lo stesso M preparasse la successione""

    and then note that perche' is followed by the subjunctive preparasse, so doesn't mean because but rather so that / for.

    "There wasn't time for M to prepare/arrange the succession"

    I haven't translated "lo stesso" because I don't know how to do it in a natural way without seeing the whole context - and even then it may not need translating. It means something like "the very same M", referring back emphatically to the 'M' that has just been the subject of discussion.
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