Il vaut mieux savoir faire des tâches très différentes que

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I want to translate the following sentence coming from a newspaper's article.

Près des trois quarts des actifs estiment ainsi que pour trouver du travail " il vaut mieux savoir faire des tâches très différentes qu'avoir un métier très précis".

So, here is my try :

"Nearly three quarters of the persons in the workforce esteem in this way that in order to get a job : « it’s better to know how to do various tasks instead of having a defined job »

Any suggestions?
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    My try:

    Close to 75% of those currently employed feel / are of the opinion that to find work, "it's better to have a variety of skills than to have one particular skill."
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    So, for "actifs" it's better to say " the persons/those currently employed" that " the persons in the workforce"?

    Actually, it's not quite easy to translate this word. :)


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    Almost three-quarters of those currently employed believe that to find a job, it is better to have a wide range of skills than to be highly specialized.

    That's not word for word, of course, but I think it's what you're looking for idiomatically.
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