Il y a combien de temps que..

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  1. Serrand Senior Member

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    A very basic question. I want to say: "Il y a combien de temps que tu es allé à Londre?" I want to ask that question to someone who isn't in London anymore.

    "How long ago did you go to London?"

    Thank you
  2. Moon Palace

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  3. Serrand Senior Member

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    So am I right ?
  4. jerseyjen Member

    I am English, but I would have said maybe "Ca fait combien de temps que t'es alle a Londres?", although looking at it I think it might have a slightly different nuance.
  5. carog Senior Member

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    The clue is in the thumb :thumbsup: posted by MoonPalace!
  6. wildan1

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    Alternatively, How long has it been since you went to London?

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