Il y a des éducateurs pour ça, nous on est des flics

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Context: A policeman is visiting a French suburb and says hello to some teenagers, but does not get a response.

"De retour dans la voiture, les reporches pleuvent: Celle-là, tu nous la refais pas. Tu vas à la confrontation!" M. Delachaux est atterré: "Je disais juste bonjour. Mais il y a chez ce côté: 'Il y a des éducateurs pour ça, nous on est des flics'.

My attempt: Mr Delachaux is appalled: “I was just saying hello. But they have this side to them: There are teachers for that, we're just cops."

I did not understand the sentence in French, and so it doesn't make much sense in English either. Could anyone offer any improvements? Thanks :)
  • Elior

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    It seems a word is missing. I think the correct sentence is "Mais il y a chez eux ce côté", which could be translated this way: "But they can't refrain from expressing".
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