I'll be heading back to the field

Hi everyone,

While watching a Japanese anime, I saw a sentence in the subtitles that I was unable to translate. The sentence was "I'll be heading back to the field". The context is an astronaut candidate who has been selected for the final test. If he succeeds, his job will consist in working for a construction company in order to develop the cosmos.

I would say "Je vais retourner sur le terrain" but I don't have a good feeling about this translation. ;)

I hope that I gave enough details to help you understand the context. (not really easy). Thanks in advance to those who could help me understand this sentence.

  • Suehil

    British English
    'Return to the field' could mean 'go back to practical work'. 'To work in the field' is the opposite of 'to work in an office'
    From your information I'm not certain that this is what was meant, but it's a possibility.
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