1. francofou2 Senior Member

    I am at a restaurant in France and I want to place an order.

    Mes tentatives:

    Je prendrai un coca.
    Je prends un coca.
    Je voudrais un coca.
    Je veux un coca.
    Apportez-moi un coca, s'il vous plait
    Donnez-moi un coca, s'il vous plait
    Pourriez-vous m'apporter un coca?

    Which of my attempts are acceptable? Which are not acceptable? Which are more common? Which are correct but not as common? Are there different degrees of formality amongst my attempts? Which are more formal? Are there other ways to place an order? Merci d'avance !!!

  2. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    I think they are all grammatically correct.

    I would avoid je veux, donnez-moi, and probably say Pourriez-vous m'apporter un coca, s'il vous plait ?

    The s'il vous plait makes a big difference!
  3. JiPiJou Senior Member

    Full sentences just for a drink sound rather like translations to me.

    I would use them to order a meal : "Je prendrai le menu à 15 euros". But, for a drink, I would just say "Un Coca, s'il-vous-plait", or for several persons "Un Coca, deux jus de citron et une bière, s'il-vous-plait". And "L'addition, s'il-vous-plait".
  4. Priyanka2004 New Member

    I agree with JiPiJou, you just say "un Coca, s'il vous plaît", and possibly with "merci" at the end once the waiter leaves.
  5. francofou2 Senior Member

    What if I was ordering a "plat principal" such as "un croque-monsieur". I suppose I can just say "un croque-monsieur, s'il vous plait." However, if I wanted to use a full sentence, which ones seem the most natural?

    je prends...
    je prendrai...
    je voudrais...

    are there others?

  6. Priyanka2004 New Member

    I think I would probably say "Bonjour, j'aimerais un croque-monsieur s'il vous plaît", ou bien "Bonjour, je prendrai un croque-monsieur s'il vous plaît". Or, why not, you can also say "Je vais prendre un croque-monsieur s'il vous plaît".
    But there again, the most natural sentence would be "bonjour, un croque-monsieur, s'il vous plaît".
  7. Juan Jacob Vilalta

    Juan Jacob Vilalta Banned

    Pour moi, un Coca. (SVP).
    Pour moi, ce sera un Coca (SVP).

    Et toutes les variantes possibles.
  8. JiPiJou Senior Member

    We all seem to agree (for once :D ) :

    Make the sentence as short as what you order. If you order something simple, just say what it is (+ SVP ; and "merci" when you get it). What sounds "foreign" :)rolleyes:) is a fully-fledged sentence for just ONE item.

    As soon as it gets more complex (something to eat, different sandwiches for several people or a full meal, "menu" or "à la carte"), then you can make a full sentence (following the examples given above); it won't sound odd.

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