I'll leave it to fate/If it's my destiny

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I'd like to ask if there is a phrase in Japanese expressing that someone is leaving the matters to fate, karma, God...something like "Let the fate decide". I can translate it directly but I was wondering if there is a commonly used phrase for this.
Examples of usage:

* I don't know if I pass the test
- Just leave it to fate now. (meaning that it's already over and the teacher has to correct it now)

* I don't know if I ever find a girlfriend.
- You will if it's your destiny.

* Don't you worry?
- No, I'm leaving things to God.


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    A few phrases came to mind.

    運任せ leave something to fate
    神頼み leave something to God

    Along the same lines, there is an expression 後は野となれ山となれ. It has a more defiant feel, meaning something like “I did everything I could. I don’t care what happens next.”


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    A: テスト難しかったね。
    B: そうだね。でもやることはやったんだから、あとは     だ。(運任せ:tick:/神頼み:tick:/野となれ山となれ:tick:

    In this context, you can use any of the three phrases in #2.
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