I'll put a bet on <for> you


If you put a sum of money on something, you make a bet about it. For example, if you put ₤10 on a racehorse, you bet ₤10 that it will win.
I'll put a bet on for you.
Collins Cobuild

It could be said by someone who is given some money and asked to put a bet on on behalf of the person giving money, am I right?
Thank you.
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Yes, that's right.

    A: "I like that horse with the white patch. I think it will win."
    B: "Why don't you put a bet on it?/ Why don't you put £10 on it?"
    A: "I don't know how to bet."
    B: "Give me your money, I'll put a bet on [it] for you."


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    At least in AE, the "it" that Paul has put in brackets is necessary. We'd say "I'll put a bet on it for you", not "I'll put a bet on for you".
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