I'll take an order of adventure

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    We'd like the entire title, as well as a bit of context: what is the website about? Thank you.

    Edit: Ok, I see that it is the entire title ... which serves as the theme or philosophy of the blog.

    Considering the blog entry titles ...

    How to pick wild blackberries (mora)
    How to Build a Fire in a Wood Stove
    How and When to Bribe Government Employees…
    Always be prepared for an Adventure

    ... I would say that adventure has its normal meaning: adventure: 1 an unusual, exciting, and daring experience.

    An adventure is not always a risk, although there may be risk involved in some adventures.

    I'll take an order of ... is one of the ways you might order something in a restaurant. I'll take an order of jumbo shrimp. So he's ordering adventure, rather than shrimp.
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