I'll take you all on at once!


Ciao, perfavore mi potreste aiutarmi con questa frase? La dice un ragazzo dopo aver rifiutato la proposta di unirsi a una banda di ladri.

"I'll take you all on at once!" Non ho la pié pallida idea...:confused:

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  • Einstein

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    "To take someone on" in questo caso vuol dire affrontare, lottare, fare a pugni.
    "All at once" = tutti nello stesso momento.

    "I'll take you all on at once!" vuol dire che è disposto a fare a pugni con tutta la banda insieme.


    Einstein grazie mille!!

    Il contesto era piú che chiaro, infatti tu mi hai dato una risposta perfetta!

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    I think the sense is clear here.

    "To take ... on" has several meanings.

    "To take something on" means to assume responsability or to accept a challenge.

    "To take somebody on" can mean "to employ" or "to engage" in a job. For example "She was out of work for several weeks, then a local shop took her on as a salesgirl."

    However, here it is used in the sense of being prepared to fight the other members of the gang. He is saying that he is prepared to fight them all at the same time if they object to him not joining the gang.
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