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    What is the difference in use of illa and illaki, and what actually both of them mean?
    I found two sentence examples online for each of them, but I am not sure if I can translate them right...
    1.) İlla seni evine kadar geçireceğim diye ayak diriyor. = He insisted saying "in any case(?) I will see you off home"
    2.) "Bildiğimiz şeyleri bilebilmek için illaki bir alamet bekleriz." = We wait for any(?) sign to be able to know the things we knew

    And what "illa" actually origins from? Is "-lla" a shortened form for "Allah" like in some other Arabic words?
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    There is no difference between the two. They mean no matter what; whatever happens.
    It seems it's a fusion of the Arabic particle إلا which means except for and the Persian pronoun كی.

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