illegal, illiberal, improper or lawless?

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I have got a question, I have a sentence and I have to complete it with one word.
the sentence is:

"In recent years graphologists have been employed in various professional contexts and in forensic science, where questions of handwriting and ........ imitation (i.e. forgery) are critical."

I have 4 words such as: illegal, illiberal, improper or lawless.

can anybody help me?
thank you in advance!
  • Espinha

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    Considering it's about forgery, I would choose "illegal" over the rest.

    The way I see it, forgery (=faking something) has not to do with liberty, nor if it was done properly, and well... maybe lawless could to some extent make sense since illegal and lawless might express the same idea, but the imitations possess no law, hence they can't be lawless.

    They can however be illegal, if they are done without permission.

    Just my take on it.



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    I was writing the answer I would choose just in the momment you have posted yours.
    Thank you! and also for explication.
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