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    What word(s) for "illusion/phantom" (אשלייה, דמיון, תעתוע וכו') in Hebrew can frame the illusion as a visual image, not so much as something illusory? Maybe to capture the meaning I shouldn't even use a word for "illusion" but a word for "image"/"figure"/"form".

    What word goes in the blank:
    הראה לי את _____ך
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  2. Tararam Senior Member

    I don't know if I fully understand what you're asking.
    Do you mean, for example, how do we call the vision of a "figure in the dark" that you think is there, but it actually isn't?
    In that case we usually use "הזיה" and the verb "להזות". Another term which is sometimes used is "חזיון תעתועים".

    What do you wish to say in your "fill the blank" example?
    "Show me your image/figure" = הראה לי את דמותך
  3. trigel Senior Member

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    Yeah, I want to say some image/figure that isn't there. Can be images that dreams show you. Can be literal or figurative.
    In the blank (הראה לי את _____ך and also with חיבקתי את _____ך) I want to say "image of a person that isn't there that one sees", preferably with the same word.
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  4. arielipi Senior Member

    הזיות, חזיון, רואה דברים.

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