Ilocano: Naimbag a bigat

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    I am linguistically ignorant, knowing only English. I am trying to learn Ilocano, but so far it has been a slow process. It is confusing [to me], also.
    I see many phrases written slightly different, also, such as:

    "Naimbag a bigat" and "Naimbag a bigatmo" and "Naimbag nga bigat mo" for "Good morning."

    Is one "more" correct?

    Thank you very much for any advice you can offer.
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  2. ridakian New Member

    Well, they are all literally correct with slight technical difference.

    "Naimbag a bigat" - Good Morning.
    "Naimbag a bigatmo" and
    "Naimbag nga bigat mo"- Good Morning to you. (It depends on what part of Ilokano speaking region you are from.)


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