Ils se foutent de notre gueule

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  1. marget Senior Member


    Does this expression mean something like "they don't give a damn about us" or "they're wasting our time/making mock of us"? Is it somewhat vulgar?

    Merci d'avance:)
  2. aldonse

    aldonse Senior Member

    it means both, depend on the context.. and this is very vulgar:)
    Good educated people would say ils se payent de notre tête...
  3. marget Senior Member

    Thanks a lot. I should explain that the person who said it was highly educated and very upset.
  4. aldonse

    aldonse Senior Member

    Serviteur! You're welcome!
  5. ?e©am Senior Member

    Portuguese & French
    Ils se moquent de nous is an alternative way to say ils se payent notre tête

    Aldonse is totally right: this expression is pretty vulgar even if in France you may hear it often...

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