I'm 1m60 tall & I'm 1m60


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Good afternoon everyone,

Is it possible to skip "tall" when giving your size? (just like the age)

Thanks in advance for your answer!
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    Yes, in fact, it is unusual to include "tall", because the context is normally obvious.


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    If you say 'one metre sixty', tall is redundant because you've included the unit. I suppose if you said 'I'm one-sixty', it might be more ambiguous, and it might be a good idea to include tall. (If an American said 'I'm one-sixty', I'd understand that to mean 160 lbs!) Also possibly less ambiguous if you said, 'I'm one-point-six-oh'. If you gave your height in feet and inches, I would say that tall is not required either: I'm five-three or I'm five-foot-three.
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