I'm beeling at them bajins ...and give them a right chibbing!

I just finished watching "Open Season 2" with my family. In this movie, which is an animated film with animals as the main characters, several animal friends are discussing whether or not they should go and try to rescue a little dog friend of theirs, whom they believe has been kidnapped.

The Scottish squirrel, who is all for the idea of going to rescue their friend, says, "I'm beeling at them bajins. So let's quit bumping the gums...
...and give them a right chibbing!"

I'm just curious what the first sentence he says means. :) I've looked for info online, and can't find any...I did find that a "chibbing" is a stabbing.... and I already gathered that bumping the gums just means standing around jawing. :)

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with the first sentence. :)
Thanks very much, and have a good day!
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  • Thanks for that quick reply, bibliolept!
    It's interesting to learn insults in other dialects. ;) Although if I called someone around here a "tube" or a "numpty" they'd probably just look at me funny. :)

    Edited to add: By "around here", I mean around the area in which I live.
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    beelin ... boiling ... angry, furious
    bajin ... bad yin ... bad one
    Chibbing does not necessarily involve stabbing, but it does involve a good going over with some kind of weapon.
    As a random example, here is a definition of chib:
    The generic weapon of choice among Scottish neds - any instrument (not necessarily anything sharp) capable of breaking human skin and/or bones. Popular chibs include broken bottles, Stanley knives, screwdrivers, crowbars, knitting needles, good old baseball bats, or indeed anything heavy, sharp or wooden.
    Ahh, thank you panjandrum!! :)
    Now that you've explained it to me, I almost feel embarrassed that I didn't figure it out myself. ;)
    Guess I haven't been to enough of the Highland Games around here. ;)
    Thanks again! Now I can go to sleep. ;)
    Thank you also for the clarification on "chibbing". That's very helpful, and is something I didn't find in my search.
    I appreciate your help.
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    Oh, thank you, everybody!

    Trying to find out the meaning of this sentence was driving me crazy! I thought I was such a stupid because I couldn't understand what Mr. Squeeze said. I talked to my English teacher and she said: "I've been teaching English a little over twenty years, and I haven't ever seen something like that" (the most interesting part is that she manage to get the meaning all the same).

    Cheers. :D
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