I'm covered.

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Jack is a lawyer. He hired another laywer, Phil.
One day, Phil makes a big mistake, doing financial damage to Jack's office.

Jack decides to let Phil go, and says to him,

"Listen, Phil. You leave now. I'll replace. I'm covered."

I know that when you buy insurance, you can say, 'I'm covered.'
But what Jacks doesn't seem to mean that.

Could you please help me figure out what he meant by 'I'm covered'?

Thank you.
  • e2efour

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    I prefer your insurance explanation, i.e. he is covered for financial loss.

    But since he appears to have a poor command of English (I'll replace.), who knows what he meant to say?


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    "Fidelity coverage, sometimes known as a fidelity bond, is a type of insurance that will protect a business owner against the theft of money, property, forgery or fraud by an employee."

    See What Is Fidelity Insurance and Why Do You Need It? | Economic Journal

    It goes without saying that an insurance company may wish to exclude mistakes, but you can, for example, get cover for your own mistakes (e.g. if you move your TV and drop it accidentally).
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