I'm dead!


Canadian English :)(Also French)
What would be the best way to say "I'm dead!"?
I know of one way 私は死んでいるよ!
Is there a better way to say it or is that the most sufficiant/popular way to say it?
  • almostfreebird

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    Because the man who says "I'm dead" is not really dead, I would say "watashi wa shinda mo douzen da(desu, dayo, yo).

    Your example is also good and natural, but it could imply you are a ghost.

    Hiro Sasaki

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    もう おだぶつです。 I'm going to die. ( I'll be a Buddha. )

    三途の川( さんずのかわ) の一歩手前です。 If one is dead. he must cross
    the Sanzu-no kawa River to go to the other world.

    Hiro Sasaki


    How to say "I'm so dead" but in the joking way, you know, for example when you left something important, like your wallet, in the train.