I'm done with the bathroom.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by tsiyaku, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. tsiyaku Senior Member

    Hello everyone,
    Is "I'm done with the bathroom" the proper usage to mean "I just went out of it and don't need to use it anymore" ?
    if not What should I say for that?

  2. Enquiring Mind

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    Well context is everything, tsiyaku, and in the absence of any other scenario. the meaning you are asking about is correct. We could also say "I'm finished in the bathroom" - I don't need to use it any more.

    It could have another meaning too. If you were painting or decorating your bathroom and you had just finished the work, you could say "I'm done with the bathroom" or "I'm done in the bathroom". Basically I'm done = I'm finished.
  3. natkretep

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    Yes, you say this to somebody who you think is waiting to use it (in this case the bathroom), and you can use the phrase for many things ('I'm done with the photocopier'). This is, of course Enquiring Mind's first meaning.
  4. Parla Senior Member

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    We'd usually say ". . . in the bathroom."
  5. tsiyaku Senior Member

    Thanks a lot for helpful answers.
  6. Keith Bradford

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    Note that for British people, "I'm done with the bathroom" means "I have finished taking my bath or shower".

    If you mean something more... er... intimate, you might say "I've finished with/in the loo".
  7. tsiyaku Senior Member

    Thank you Keith Bradford.

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