I'm fully satisfied

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English nerd

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A person when asked about the services provided to him by a bank comments:
Yes,I'm fully satisfied with your service.

Is the use of "fully" natural here?
Cab it be:
I am very satisfied with your service.
Or simply:
I'm satisfied with your service.
Thank you:)
  • lingobingo

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    It’s perfectly normal to use fully as an adverb modifying satisfied, if that’s what you’re asking? But there are several other ways of saying it too.


    He was asked to tell the bank whether he was satisfied with the services provided to him by the bank. It was a feedback.
    When I asked "What exactly was he asked?", I was asking for the exact words of the question that was put to him, since they can make a difference. All your choices could work in theory but whether they're natural in a given context or not depends on the actual words used.


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    When an organisation asks for feedback, they almost always give you a set of options and you check the one you feel is most appropriate. I would expect the question to be something like “How satisfied are you with the services the bank provides?” and the options to be: very dissatisfied - dissatisfied - neither satisfied nor dissatisfied - satisfied - very satisfied. But if the top answer was “fully satisfied”, that would actually be more idiomatic.
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