I'm glad to be back


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After a long absence:
I'm glad to be back.
Je suis content de revenir.?

I haven't been back for a long time.
Je n'ai pas venu depuis longtemps.?

  • Guill

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    Je suis content d'être rentré.
    Ça fait longtemps que je ne suis pas rentré/Ca faisait longtemps que je n'étais pas rentré.

    On peut remplacer "rentré" par "revenu" aussi


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    Excuse me to contradict you VanOo but these sentences aren't good french. First one would mean that he is on his way and hasn't arrived yet, which is not the case in English.
    Second one is definitely not french because we don't say "avoir venu" but "être venu". We could say "Je ne suis pas venu depuis longtemps" but you would lose the idea of "back", it would be translated by "I haven't been here for ages".


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    About the "ai revenu", I agree, I didn't notice it and I'm sorry.

    About the first sentence, I disagree but it isn't important and could be confusing. So let's say you're right.

    I changed my post.
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