I'm <going to have a / getting my> hair cut later.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by IWantToImproveMyEnglish, May 3, 2013.

  1. IWantToImproveMyEnglish Senior Member

    - I'm going to have a hair cut later
    - I'm getting my hair cut later

    I know both sentences are correct, but which sentence do you use normally as a English native speaker?
  2. Gabbro Member

    Canadian English
    "I'm getting my hair cut later."

    Though "I'm getting a haircut later" is more common.

    The first one isn't really correct, most would say "I'm going to get a haircut later."
  3. chasfh Senior Member

    Chicago, IL
    English - US
    It's usually one word: haircut.
  4. IWantToImproveMyEnglish Senior Member

    @chasfh, But isn't it right to separate hair and cut in this sentence "I'm getting my hair cut later"?

    @Gabbro, Thanks :)!
  5. Gabbro Member

    Canadian English
    You are correct. Haircut as one word is a noun.

    I'm getting my hair cut.
    I'll show you my new haircut.

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