I'm going to the movies for 25 years

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TICKET TAKER: Do you have your stub?
GEORGE: My stub? Who keeps the stub? No one holds on to the stub. I'm going to the movies for 25 years, nobody ever asked me for the stub.

Taken from 'Seinfield' S04E14.

Should it not be 'have been going' instead of 'am going' in the above sentence? Is the present progressive tense used in spoken English instead?


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    Technically it should be "I've been going to the...", but there are some places, New York City particularly, and some groups, Jewish Americans particularly, who talk in this way. It's not formal English, but not uncommon to hear in such settings or from such characters. The vast majority of English speakers would say "I've been going...", whether in formal or casual speech.
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