I'm gonna grab a glass of water

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If I want to say "Hold on a second, I'm gonna go grab a glass of water", can I use the verb pakken? I think I've only ever heard "Ik ga een glasje water halen", but I'm not sure if I heard "Ik ga een glasje water pakken". Are they both correct?
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    The two sentences are correct (but glaasje, not glasje). But the English sentence is rather informal, I think, and in Holland, one would expect to hear something like "Wacht even (of: moment), ik pak (of: haal) even een glaasje water".
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    In Flanders, "ik ga" + infinitive is used a lot in the spoken language, so to me the translation is spot on.

    You could add "even(tjes)" to assure that it won't take long: Ik ga even(tjes) een glaasje water halen. (dialectical "effe", "efjes", "efkes")


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    It's a simple thing in this case:
    – to grab = pakken
    – to fetch = halen
    Your main problem comes down to the question if you're grabbing something or fetching it. Your choice!


    It's preferable to say "Ik ga een glaasje water halen" , this is why you probably never heard this phrase with the verb "pakken".
    And like others said before, if you want to translate the "hold on a second", you can say "wacht even" or "een minuutje (aub)" or "een secondje (aub)".
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