"I'm high on believing"?????


I have a problem. I don't know how to translate "I'm high on believing" into Spanish. Moreover, is it correct to have the verb "believing" in the gerund form or is it a colloquial way of talking?. It is a sentence taken from a song: hooked on a feeling.
Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Well, it's correct in English, but wouldn't you have to use the infinitive in Spanish? Or use the noun form of belief (in something), créenza or whatever the correct word is.

    "High on" means intoxicated, of course, like "high on drugs," but what the singer is high on is his belief "that you're in love with me."

    "Hooked on" means addicted, and "a feeling" refers to the sensation of being in love, or believing that you are. In other words, use a word that conveys emotion, not ideation. The usual love lyric, in other words!

    The important probably isn't to translate exactly, because the statement is very generalized. You should probably aim for something that sounds like a song lyric in Spanish. Whatever your choice for sensation or emotion is, it should rhyme with your word for belief "that you're in etc etc..."

    I'd suggest some, but I'm not as strong in idiom as a native speaker like you, and I might come up with "I'm drunk on gullibility" or something like that. Not knowing that the connotation is cynical, of course.
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