I'm just ... different way


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je coince sur le traduction de "different way" dans un échange de dialogues.

Le contexte :
"A" ouvre la porte à "B" avec les manches de son t-shirt noir retroussées au dessus des épaules (en mode marcel) et "B" se moque de lui en le voyant (en allusion au groupe Guns n Roses).

Le dialogue:
A: Oh, Jeff, what's up ?
B: What's up, Guns ?
A: Nice shirt, yeah. I'm just... different way.

Je n'arrive pas à trouver la signification de "different way" dans ce contexte.
Est-ce que "J'essaye juste un nouveau style (vestimentaire)" pourrait coller ?

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  • misterk

    I agree. I've read the original text and can make no sense of it.
    Epecially after "I'm", we would expect either "in a different way" or, much more likely, "different that way."


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    Thank you for your answers.
    Just a precision, A is pulling down his sleeves when he says the last sentence.

    Could "different way" be a word game that will mean "any way" ? (as A is trying to pass himself off as a badass)


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    Are you sure there's a reference to Guns n' roses ? Guns is slang term for muscular biceps (which would have been prominently on display with the T-shirt sleeved rolled up so high). In this context, the different way refers to a different way of wearing the T.


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    Oh ok. No I'm not sure for the reference to Guns n' Roses.
    I didn't know Guns means muscular biceps. So you're probably right.
    I will try to find a translation relative to the T-shirt like "Je vais remettre les manches".