I'm just keeping my options open

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    It's the movie "At Midleton".
    A guy and a girl are visiting the college.
    They are talking about their studies.
    The girls asks, "So what are you gonna study?"
    The guy responds "I'm just keeping my options open."
    After this, the girl says,
    "Yeah, yeah, that's a really strong department."
    After this, there's a moment of silence, then they chuckle a bit
    and the girl says, "I am just saying."
    Everything clear, but I can't relate the words of the boy "I am just keeping my options open"
    with the girl's "That's a really strong department".
    Is it that I am missing anything here?

    Thank you
  2. Edinburgher Senior Member

    German/English bilingual
    By saying he is "keeping his options open", which means "I haven't quite decided yet", he is basically disguising the fact that he really has no idea yet what he's going to study.
    The girl is making a joke of it and pretending to interpret his answer as the name of a department, as if "keeping one's options open" were something one can study.
    "That's a strong department" would normally mean "Ah yes, this college has a good reputation in that field."
  3. chopin7 Senior Member

    Yeah. Clear.
    Thank you very much, Edinburgher.

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