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Discussion in 'All Languages' started by jorge_val_ribera, May 26, 2005.

  1. jorge_val_ribera

    jorge_val_ribera Senior Member


    I was thinking...McDonald's is all over the world, so their famous phrase "I'm lovin' it" must exist in...how many languages?

    I'll start with Spanish: Me encanta (I love it)
  2. Lancel0t

    Lancel0t Senior Member

    Philippines - Filipino/English
    Here in the Philippines, we have this phrase "Love ko 'to" - I love it.
  3. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    "Ich liebe es" in German.
    "C'est tout ce que j'aime" in French.
    "Me encanta" in Argentinian Spanish
    Here's the Chinese one.

    BTW, buy a medium beaker in a McDonald's restaurant, there you'll find "I'm lovin' it" in almost every language.
  4. elroy

    elroy Motley mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    I think you mean a medium drink? A beaker is what chemists use in their labs!

    Here's the Arabic version:

    ﺎﻬﺒﺣﺃ ﺎﻨﺍ

    Pronunciation: ana uhíbbuha
  5. Christhiane Senior Member

    Here in Norway, we simply say: 'I'm lovin' it!' =/
  6. vachecow Senior Member

    USA English
    Didn't they have some kiind of promotion where all of their cups had im lovin it in many languages?
  7. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member

    In their Spanish advertisements they've kept "I'm loving it", at least here in Spain.
  8. Lems

    Lems Senior Member

    São Paulo
    Brazil - Brazilian Portuguese
    Here in Brazil they use: "Amo muito tudo isso" (Love all this very much).

    But it sounds rather weird in Portuguese. :mad:

    We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is actually disappearing.
    Decca Recording Co., rejecting the Beatles, 1962.
  9. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    interestingly enough the french translation has either changed or its different in north amaerica because on the cups they have "c'est ça que j'aime" now
  10. charlie2 Senior Member

    If you'd like to know it in traditional Chinese characters, it is 我就喜歡。The only thing different from the simplified Chinese version (which you'll find in Who's post) is the fourth word.
  11. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    Well, then, does "麥當勞– 我就喜歡" mean "McDonald's - I'm lovin' it" if "麦当劳公司" is the McDonald's Corperation) ??? :D
  12. charlie2 Senior Member

    Yes, exactly. :thumbsup: That is the sentence in traditional Chinese characters.
  13. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member

    Is this a fine joke or am I the only one who can't see the Chinese characters? :D
  14. mnzrob Senior Member

    Denver, Colorado USA
    Chicago English and German
    当劳公, 当劳公当. 劳公当劳公, 当劳公当劳 公当劳, 公当劳公!! 当 劳公当劳公 当劳 公当劳公?

    No just kidding, i can't see them either. I just get these boxes.

  15. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    I checked the Czech McDonald's web. They are using I'm loving it. The exact Czech version would be: Miluju to! But it is an ugly anglicism.

  16. charlie2 Senior Member

    If this is a joke, this is not a very good joke.
    I'll do that again, see if it will work this time:
    麥當奴 = McDonald's and 麥當奴 公司 = McDonald's Corporation.
    我就喜歡 = I'm loving it.
    Sorry I can't do the simplified version.
  17. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member

    I hope I didn't offend you or anything, it just surprised me that you were maintaining a conversation while I couldn't see any characters.

  18. charlie2 Senior Member

    No, nothing like that. :) I am pleased to have the chance to write (type) some Chinese. (I know the feeling. Umm, what on earth are they talking about? :D) Glad it works out.
  19. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    There aren't boxes on my screen. :D

    Okay, seriously now:

    1. Right click somewhere on the screen
    2. Choose "Encode" (Codierung for Rob)
    3. Choose "Unicode (UTF-8)" or "Western European (ISO)" (Westeurpäisch for Rob)

    Hope it works.
  20. MingRaymond Senior Member

    HK Cantonese
    It is 麥當勞,they don't use 奴 because 奴 means slave in Chinese , so it is not good to use this in commercial names.
  21. lourai*87 Member

    Australia - English & studying French
    Hehe...i got macdonald's for breakfast this morning and looked at the wrapper...i was trying to work out how many languages i could understand, and that is the first time i have noticed the languages at all :p
  22. Lin Member

    Japan, Japanese
    In Japanese, The translation of "I am loving it" would be 大好き or 気に入っている.  But in the commercial, they say it in English in Japan.
  23. Pirulo Member

    Argentina / spanish
    In Spain they kept "I'm lovin' it", but in Latin America (at least in Argentina) it was translated ("me encanta")
  24. emousecat New Member


    I can give the simplified Chinese as well as the pronunciation for these words, but I'm not sure if you can see them.

    我就喜欢(wo jiu xi huan)---I'm lovin' it!
    麦当劳(mai dang lao)---McDonald
    麦当劳公司(mai dang lao gong si)---McDonald's Corporation

    I have planned to upload the the pictures with the Chinese characters to make sure that you can see them, but it seems that I cann't do this in this forum.
  25. Sparkle Member

    Braga, Portugal
    Portugal (Portuguese)
    Here in Portugal we use the English version... Simply "I'm lovin' it"...

  26. Glamour21 Member

    In the Philippines:

    Ako managmahal ito = I'm loving it..
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  27. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Southern Tagalog : Ayon ako!
  28. swintok Senior Member

    English - Canada
    In Ukrainian it is Я це люблю - I love this.

    In Canadian French it is C'est ça que j'm (=C'est ça que j'aime) - This is what I like.

    Wikipedia has a page with a table of the phrase in different languages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonald's_advertising

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