I'm never just straight

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Ciao a tutti, sto leggendo a proposito della notizia della morte della scrittrice statunitense Karen Wurtzel, che ha avuto un passato di tossicodipendenza. Non riesco a capire il significato di "...I'm never just straight" : forse: "..per quanto tempo non sarei stata in piedi."?

Elizabeth Wurtzel, ‘Prozac Nation’ Author, Is Dead at 52

"""""The book didn’t do as well as it might have, because by the time it came out Ms. Wurtzel was struggling with the drug addictions she later detailed in “More, Now, Again.” In that book, she bluntly described how she would feed her addiction by whatever means necessary.
“Any pill will do,” she wrote. “I don’t care about the effect anymore, up or down, so long as I’m never just straight. I steal pills from people’s medicine chests. Everyone has had a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction.”""""
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    per me significa "...così a lungo che non sono mai del tutto 'pulita' [senza droghe]". Attendi altri.


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    I think "so long as" means "as long as" which is probably best translated with "purché." - I'll take anything as long as it gets me high (as long as I'm not straight - ever)
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