I'm not a big barbecue hand.


I'm translating a Scottish Play, there is I line which I really can't get. A daughter is trying to convince her mother to visit her son in Australia.
Duaghter: Mum, I'll go to the travel agent's tomorrow and get you a ticket to Australia.
Mother: Ocht no pet. It's all barbecues. I'm not a big barbecue hand. Not at my age.
What does she mean with 'I'm not a big barbecue hand'? And does barbecue have a special cultural meaning in Australia?
I've already looked it up in the dictionary but it wasn't of any help to me.

Thanks everybody.
  • cuchuflete

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    I'm not a big barbecue hand. ~ I am not a great lover of barbecues.
    Barbecues are very popular in Australia, according to stereotypes about that country.
    Wait for an Australian to confirm if this is factual.


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    Yes, barbecues are very popular in Australia. Because of the hot weather, a lot of socialising takes place outdoors - cooking as well. "Barbecue" is very often shortened to "barbie".

    I usually spell the word "barbeque". Chambers dictionary says both forms are acceptable.