[I'm not afraid] of dying but a little of this part I'm in


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Hello everybody.
I've found this in a novel intitled The collected works of AJ Fikry, by G.Zevin.
A man has a brain cancer. The disease has reached an advanced stage and he's losing the ability to speak.
In this moment, he's with his daughter. She talks to him, but for him is very difficult to replay.

"Are you afraid?" she asks.
Not of dying, he thinks, but a little of this part I'm in. Every day, there is less of me. Today, I am thoughts without words. Tomorrow, I will be a body without thoughts. And so it goes.

According to you, the "part I'm in" refers to the sad role he has to play because of the desease, of what else?

Thank you a lot.
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    I think that must be it. He is "in" a role, and he knows what is coming. He is afraid because he knows he has to act out this part to the end.
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