I'm not too used to eating pig('s) ear.

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  1. yuechu Senior Member

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    I bought some "pig's ear"/猪耳(朵) at the market today (cut up and pre-prepared with sauce and all) and found out that I'm not too used to the taste of it.

    How would you say the following in Chinese?
    ex. "I'm not too used to eating pig('s) ear" (I'm offering it to a friend since I won't finish it myself, unfortunately!)

    Would it be:
    1) 我不太习惯(于?)吃猪耳朵。
    (or perhaps in a different way?)

    Thanks in advance/谢谢!
  2. tarlou Senior Member

    我不太习惯吃猪耳朵 is fine. 我不太习惯于吃猪耳朵 sounds a little bit strange, maybe because it is too formal?

    适应 is not good here. But you can say 我不太适应猪耳朵的味道. 我不太习惯猪耳朵的味道 is also fine.

    3) is a correct sentence, but it means that you don't have the habit to eat pig's ear regularly, not that you are not comfortable with the taste.

    A more commonly used phrase is 吃得惯 (be used to eating) and 吃不惯 (be not used to eating)

    If you want to put "not too" ("不太") into the sentence, you can say 我吃不太惯猪耳朵 or 我不太能吃得惯猪耳朵 in conversations. But maybe these are not good in formal writings (though 吃不惯 without 不太 is fine).

    The above are my personal feelings. I actually don't have very precise reasons for them..
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  3. Youngfun

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    I would say that 习惯 is "being used to sth" naturally. So I would say it's a condition.
    适应 means "to adapt, to become accostumed at sth. that you weren't used to before". So I would say it's a change of condition.
  4. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    Agree with tarlou, 吃不惯 is more common, like 我吃不惯猪耳朵。

    @tarlou: I think 吃得惯 is "be used to eating" and 吃不惯 is "be not used to eating".
    我吃不惯... as in the OP, "I'm not used to eating..."
  5. tarlou Senior Member

    Lucia, you are right! I'll correct it.
  6. yuechu Senior Member

    Canada, English
    @Tarlou, Youngfun, Lucia_zwl
    Thank you all for your helpful replies! 吃得惯/吃不惯 is exactly what I was looking for (an expression I had forgotten--and it looks like I have lots of other good alternatives to choose from too)!

    Happy New Year everyone/元旦快乐!

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