"I'm off" ("I'm leaving/going now")

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  1. I wouldn't want to say "I'm off" meaning "I'm crazy!" lol

    Thanks everyone. ;)
  2. GenJen54

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    Hi Jen,

    Are you asking, or telling? Or, asking for a translation of "I'm off" into French.

    Je m'en vais. - I'm off. I'm leaving.
    Je suis fou (m) folle (f) I'm crazy. There are other, more "colloquial" translations for this. I'd wait for natives to confirm what those are.
  3. Yes, I wanted to know how to say "I'm off." Thank you! :D

  4. MrFrench Member

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    Je confirme GenJen54
    > Je m'en vais.
    Et c'est vrai puisqu'il faut que je m'en aille.
  5. french_learner06 Member

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    I think you could also say, "je me sauve."
  6. Gentiléen Senior Member

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    Je me casse
    Je me tire
    Je m arrache
    je mets les voiles
  7. viera Senior Member

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    "Bon, j'y vais."

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