I'm on the paper!

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This comes from the movie "Twilight". Bella just arrives at a school. This is her first day in there. Some guy comes up to her.

Guy: "Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place."
Bella: "I'm really kind of the more suffer-in-silence type."
Guy: "Good headline for the feature. I'm on the paper and you're news, baby,front page."

Could you tell me what Eric means by "I'm on the paper." Does he mean he writes for the paper? He's one of the those who're in charge so he can put her on the front page?

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    Given the lack of a specific title, and perhaps becuase of that lack, I cannot see in the dialogue that Eric has any position of importance other than in his own mind.

    He could be an eager copy boy trying to impress a young lady, for all I can see.
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