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When teaching beginners how to introduce themselves, which is best?
Teaching them to say "I am John" or "My name is John"?
Is the first more suitable for informal introduction and the second one better for introducing ourselves by saying our name and surname?
And is the second one the only one correct on the phone?
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    When asked "What is your name", the correct response is "My name is John"
    "I am John" is more informal but I don't know that I would start off that way with beginners.

    On the phone, I would say, "Hello, this is John Smith..." (formal)
    Or if, for example, you were calling a friend and their mother answered, "Hi, this is John, is Mike there?"


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    Hello Rafa ~ Ewie here.
    It's often the case that when people are introducing themselves (for example at a semi-formal business meeting), they only use their names:
    Good morning ~ Ewie P.
    Hello ~ Rafa N.
    But in the case of (for example) students introducing themselves to the rest of the class, I'd go with:
    My name's Ewie P.
    Hi Ewie ~ my name's Rafa N.
    BUT, if you're all sticking to first names only then:
    My name's Ewie.
    Hi ~ I'm Rafa.
    sounds perfectly okay:)


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    If I'm asked my name..

    for example.,

    "I'm Dr. Smith and you are?..

    I would say my name.. "Katrina *********. "

    If I was introducing myself without being prompted or asked then I would say

    "Hello, My name is Katrina ********* and I'm blah blah blah" (whatever my position is in the situation).
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