I'm serious vs I'm being serious.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by senaka, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. senaka Senior Member

    Hi, everyone.

    Could you tell me different between "I'm serious." and "I'm being serious."

    For example:If I talked very serious matter and someone laughed about it, I would have to say "I'm serious." or "I'm being serious."?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. MyAtomicGard3n Member

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    These would be used more in a sense where the person doesn't believe what is being said.

    "I'm serious" sounds more if you are talking about a serious matter and they think its a joke.

    "I'm being serious" sounds more like a situation in which you are part of and they don't believe you.

    "I'm serious" is often used to replace "I'm being serious" but not the other way around.
  3. knt402 New Member

    "I am being serious vs. I am serious." I think both sentences give the same meaning; the word "Being" doesnot make your statement any stronger or more "serious." I think the different is upon your body language when you talk about the matter. Just look at those who laugh at your statements in the eyes and say "I am being serious or I am serious." Don't laugh when you say it. If you have a chance to try it out, let me know what is the effect of your eye gaze.
  4. entangledbank

    entangledbank Senior Member

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    You would normally say, 'I'm serious.'

    I'm not sure when you would say the other one. Perhaps like this: Someone thinks you're joking, just playing around. If they're angry about this and want you to be serious, they might say, 'Be serious!' Then you could respond, 'I'm being serious!'

    'I'm being X' means "I'm behaving in that way for a long/longish time", whereas 'I'm X' doesn't carry a "long time" meaning.
  5. senaka Senior Member

    Thank you very much for reply MyAtomicGard3n

    I am still bit unsure of difference.  Anyway, in above context, "I'm serious" sounds more natural isn't it?

    Thanks for reply entangledbank.

    Your explanation is very clear and helpful. Thank you very much! :)

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