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I haven't downloaded "the Pitch" yet, because I took the pledge not to shop Amazon for the holidays because of the worker conditions in their warehouses. Of course, now there are several things I'd like to buy.

Anyway, I'm set for the moment, because I'm currently reading "John's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" and hugely enjoying it.

It's taken from a book review blog. Does "I'm set for the moment" mean "For now, "the Pitch" isn't my priority. I'm engaged in reading "John's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere".?
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    I'd say that "I'm set for the moment" means "I have everything I need for the moment". I don't think it means everything you mentioned in your guess although a reasonable person could infer some of those things from the context.
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    I semi-agree with Owlman. I think that in this context, "I'm set for the moment" is more specific, that it means "I have plenty of reading material for now".
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