I'm so hungry I could eat a horse

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  1. dihydrogen monoxide Senior Member

    Slovene, Serbo-Croat
    How would you translate the following phrase in your language:
    a) I'm so hungry I coud eat a horse
  2. emm1366 Senior Member

    Español: Estoy tan hambriento que podría tragarme un caballo
  3. Lukillas6 Senior Member

    Spanish - Argentina.
    En español de ARGENTINA, se dice: Tengo tanto hambre que me comería una vaca entera.

    The horse is replaced by a cow, and we never say "estoy hambriento" in Argentina, we say "tengo (tanta) hambre".

    Un abrazo.
  4. irene.acler Senior Member

    Trento - Italy
    In Italian (literal translation):
    Ho così tanta fame che potrei mangiarmi un cavallo.
    Sono così affamato/a che potrei mangiarmi un cavallo.

    The expression which is most used is: ho una fame che mi mangerei un bue (= I'm so hungry I would eat an ox).
  5. ronanpoirier

    ronanpoirier Senior Member

    Porto Alegre
    Brazil - Portuguese

    Literally: Tenho (or Estou com) tanta fome que comeria um cavalo.

    We have a expression too:
    Tenho (or Estou com) tanta fome que comeria um boi com guampa e tudo.

    "I'm so hungry that I"d eat an ox with horn and everything."
  6. User1001 Senior Member

    American English

    Ich bin (so) hungrig wie ein Wolf. -> I am (as) hungry as a wolf.
    Ich habe einen Bärenhunger. -> I have the hunger of a bear.
  7. dn88 Senior Member


    I will translate it literally:

    Jestem tak(i) głodny, że zjadłbym konia (usually followed by "z kopytami", meaning "with hoofs")

    Here's a version for females:

    Jestem tak(a) głodna, że zjadłabym konia (z kopytami).
  8. Russian: Я так голоден (голодна), что мог (могла) бы лошадь проглотить...

    Feminine forms are given in brackets.
  9. krolaina

    krolaina Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    In Spain as well ;)

    (Irenilla, you italians have a strong stomach! :p. Baci bella)
  10. valo__fan

    valo__fan Senior Member

    O kadar açım ki; bir atı bile yiyebilirim.(I'm so hungry I could eat a horse:D)
  11. valo__fan

    valo__fan Senior Member

    J'ai ainsi faim, je pourrais manger un cheval.
  12. Topsie

    Topsie Senior Member

    Avignon, France
    That's the literal translation - I've never heard a French person say that though! They usually say "J'ai un faim de loup !" (I'm as hungry as a wolf).
  13. Grop

    Grop Senior Member

    (I agree with Topsie about j'ai si faim).

    J'ai une de ces faims, je mangerais un âne!

    (I'd eat a donkey - not that common however).
  14. OldAvatar Senior Member


    Literal translation:
    Îmi este atât de foame încât aş mânca şi-un cal.

    The expression is not very common in Romanian, the classical one is like in French:
    Mi-e o foame de lup! (I'm as hungry as a wolf)
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  15. There is also one like that in Russian: голодный как волк...
  16. anikka Senior Member

    In Latvian:
    Esmu tik izsalcis, ka varētu apēst zirgu (literal)
    Esmu izsalcis kā vilks (hungry as a woolf)
  17. valo__fan

    valo__fan Senior Member

    In Turkish we can say both:
    Kurt gibi açım.(I am hungry as wolf.)
  18. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    In Czech:
    Mám hlad, že bych hřebíky polykal(m.)/polykala(f.)!
    I'm as hungry that I should swallow/gobble (even) nails!

    In Lithuanian:
    Esu alkanas(m.)/alkana(f.) kaip vilkas/žvėris!
    I'm as hungry as wolf/beast!
  19. Tagarela Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Português - Brasil

    In Portuguese, it's also possible to say Estou com uma fome de leão (I'm hungry as a lion) and the other forms that Ronanpoirier has already pointed out.


    WAMORZINHO Senior Member

    brasil/sao paulo
    Em português eu uso:
    Estou com tanta fome que comeria um cavalo/boi
  21. heresys

    heresys Member

    The Balkans
    In Greek we say as in french and romanian
    πεινάω σαν λύκος lit, I'm as hungry as a wolf
    or we can say (we agree with the Italian in the first option)
    θα έτρωγα / θα μπορούσα να φάω ένα βόδι / ένα αρνί στην καθησιά μου
    lit. i would eat / i could eat an ox / a (whole) lamb with ease
    and when we have eventually eaten too much we say
    έφαγα σαν γουρούνι lit. i have eaten as a pig
    thus borrowing from most of the animal kingdom!:D
    Τα λέμε, Heresys
  22. Macunaíma

    Macunaíma Senior Member

    Um ninho de mafagalfinhos
    português, Brasil
    In Brazil the I'd eat an ox version is more common. Horse meat isn't popular here.

    Another very common one is: Estou com tanta fome que meu intestino grosso está comendo o fino (I'm so hungry my large intestine is eating the small one)
  23. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    Slovenians could eat oxes, when hungry as wolfs.
  24. Miguel Antonio Senior Member

    Galego (Rías Baixas)
    In Spain we also say: tengo un hambre de lobo (I am hungry like a wolf), and there is another idiom: a buen hambre no hay pan duro (when you're really hungry you will not complain about the bread being stale). :)
  25. ateaofimdomar Senior Member

    In Greek we also say πεθαίνω της πείνας i.e. I'm dying from hunger (a little bit melodramatic :))
  26. dihydrogen monoxide Senior Member

    Slovene, Serbo-Croat
    So no animals involved?
  27. ateaofimdomar Senior Member

    But yes, as heresys wrote above, we do say I'm hungry as a wolf or I could eat a lamb in one meal (this is also used for people who eat a lot, i.e. we say "He eats a lamb in one meal"/ Τρώει αρνί στην καθισιά του).
  28. xymox Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    English, French - Canada
    In Canadian French (or at least where my father is from):

    J'ai tellement faim que je pourrais manger un cheval avec ses fers :D

    I'm so hungry I could eat a horse with its horseshoes on :D

    always makes me laugh...
  29. ErOtto Senior Member

    38º 35' 32'' N - 0º 03' 59'' O
    Bilingual: Spanish (Spain) / German (Germany)
    In Spain also ;) ...me muero de hambre.

    And also, as in other countries,... I could eat an ox (Ich könnte einen ganzen Ochsen essen/verschlingen)

  30. Flaminius

    Flaminius coclea mod

    capita Iaponiae
    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית

    onaka-ga hette, uma ittō-demo taberare sōda.
    belly-NOM HavingBeenEmptied, hourse one-even ableToEat looksLike.

    The meaning is:
    I am hungry [and as a consequence of hunger] it looks as if I could eat even one horse.
  31. Giantsteps Member

    Canada, French and English
    In Québec I have also heard: J'ai tellement faim que je pourrais manger un éléphant (ou un cheval..depending on the person saying it I guess). And also Je meurs de faim.

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