I'm so sorry! = I'm really sorry! ?

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  1. HyphenSpider

    HyphenSpider Banned

    Spanish, Spain
    ¿Do "I'm so sorry" and "I'm really sorry" have the same meaning?

  2. little_ginny Senior Member

    español Peru
    yo creo q si , para mi el significado seria:
    I'm so sorry!= lo siento
    I'm really sorry! = realmente lo siento

    si estoy equivocada diganmelo. gracias
  3. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English
    Recently people have taken to using "so" to mean "very," which is not correct, but... whaddayagonnado?
  4. HyphenSpider

    HyphenSpider Banned

    Spanish, Spain
    Oh! I didn't know it wasn't correct!!

    Ummmm.... Are you OK? :D
  5. fsabroso

    fsabroso Moderadiólogo

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano
    "I'm sorry", (yo) Lo siento

    "I'm so sorry",(yo) Estoy tan apenado.

    "I'm really sorry" , (yo) De veras lo siento.
  6. FlorenceC140 Banned

    .Well, it may not be "grammatically" correct, but then America is in trouble because EVERYONE says it this way . . . . You will be COMPLETELY understood, and in my opinion, "I'm so sorry" y "I'm really sorry" tiene el sentido mismo.

    Whaddayagonnaado? . . . funny . . . I like it . . . you know he meant . . "what are you going to do?" That's how it sounds when it comes out of our mouths . . . . LOLOLOLOLOL
  7. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English

    I wanted to tell you before that I really like your avatar.

    That might make a good example, too, now that I think of it.

    Your avatar is very nice. (correct)
    Your avatar is really nice. (less correct)
    Your avatar is so nice that I want to print it out and save it! (correct).

    It is so _____ that _____. (correct)
    It is so ___. (incomplete. Not correct)

    But, hey, language is so organic that it isn't worth worrying about too much!

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