I'm sorry horsewhips are a thing of the past


I have a question about the word horsewhips in the following context which is a text from my friend's English class in TU, a university in Thailand.
.....Charles realized he couldn't go through with it and broke off the engagement. "Her father told me, I'm sorry horsewhips are a thing of the past," Charles recalls, still pained by the memory......
I don't understand what the father is trying to say by horsewhips. Does this word have connection with the expression beat the dead horse?
The story was about Charles who regretted moving in with his girlfriend because it leaded to marriage which ended their relationship.
Thank you so much!
  • owlman5

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    Her father is making a veiled threat. He is letting Charles know that he would gladly whip him with a horsewhip if he had one available.

    This threat has nothing to do with the expression "To beat a dead horse".


    Oh!!! I thought The father was sorry for their fail relationship. That was why I didn't understand it. So he regrets not having horsewhips!
    Thank you!!
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